We care about improving the community, it's a simple as that. We seek to improve the community in many ways, first and foremost with a platform that lifts people up and gives them the chance to share their ideas, projects, and stories. Our goal is to be a positive force that is supportive, collaborative and inclusive.


Diversity is beautiful, we not only embrace diversity but seek it out. Our differences and quirks are what make things interesting. One of the major inspirations for this creating this platform was showcasing the unique personalities of the makers and creators of Philadelphia. Within our platform you'll see diversity manifest itself in many ways, whether that's race, ethnicity, gender, or simply the type of projects we feature.


We love this city and this earth, we want to nurture and protect it. We will promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices within the community as well as volunteer and continually improve our footprint. Our long term vision is to foster a community that collectively does their part and shares sustainable practices amongst one another.
Solar States
Please check out the company I work for, Solar States. They are a Philly-based solar company.

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