Two Locals Brewing

Philadelphia’s first black-owned brewing company
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Two Brothers, West African and West Indies lineage, West Philly bred. They love everything about beer. The ingredients. The smell. The taste. The Process. Over the years their pride and passion has grown for crafting unique and flavorful beer. Two Locals was all a fantasy until one day they ordered a 1 gallon brew kit from Northern Brewer. They made an Irish Red Ale. After that, they took a nose dive into the brewing world. They brewed almost every weekend in Mengistu’s backyard trying to perfect a handful of beers. They began sharing their beers with friends and family. Eventually, they started to take they beers to various local events to receive feedback. As their confidence grew, they started thinking, "What if we had our own brewery?" They’ve always felt that if they can make good beer as home brewers then imagine what they could do with the quality control of a brewery.
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