Jess Petra

Jess is an engineer turned graphic designer turned Gonzo artist living in Philadelphia
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Jess is very much a product of her upbringing. She grew up in a small town in the North Jersey Mountains surrounded by forests, animals, rednecks, retired hippies, and yuppies who commute to New York. Her eclectic style pulls from all areas but primarily impressionism, dada, pop art, comics, and street art with a strong influence from punk/zine culture. She has a strong art and design background and a degree in Electronics Engineering. A practitioner of Hunter S. Thompson’s “Gonzo” philosophy, her work tries to emphasize not just the deeper story but the emotions and people involved with it. Her subjects vary widely but have common themes of identity, isolation, loss, and a hope for a better tomorrow. Her mediums include paint (acrylic, spray), charcoal, ink, photography, and marker. In her spare time she cooks, gardens, reads, writes, plays an exorbitant amount of Dungeons & Dragons, and is both an active practitioner of witchcraft and an athlete."
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