Self care & wellness for Black Women by Black Women, allies welcome
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12thGlow was originally started by Dana Maddox after she began her own wellness journey after suffering silently with depression. On this journey being Black, plus sized, and on a budget Dana struggled finding spaces that felt as inclusive as they claimed. How can you be inclusive if you don’t attempt to include the people in your community; do you have community outreach; does your social media feed reflect all demographics? After stepping into one too many uncomfortable wellness spaces she decided to start 12thGlow right out of her Philadelphia home. It began with their 6 original candles and lots of free or low cost wellness workshops all over the city of Philadelphia. After much success 12thGlow grew too big for one person and Dana enlisted the help of her dear friend Dominyque Davis to join as a founding partner. Dominyque was also in search of healing and wellness that felt true to her so it was a natural fit. Together they are expanding 12thGlow into a complete wellness haven for Black women and their allies. Besides wellness workshops and products, 12th Glow also offers birth services. Black women have the highest maternal mortality rate and a very high percent of these deaths are preventable. It is important to them as doulas to bridge the gap and create beautiful birth experiences for their clients. Their mission is to create a space where Black women and their allies can practice self care and wellness in a way that is safe, true, and affordable.
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