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Our first criteria is that the maker or company must be based in Philadelphia. Everyone featured on Localize is Philly-based however, only some make their products in Philly or source their materials in Philly. We love local artisans that make and source their products locally but we also see a lot of value in companies that are simply based in Philly.


Currently everyone featured on the website has been hand picked. By curating the selection we can be sure our platform stays diverse. We have a long list of makers to review that will be slowly intergrated into the website to feature a larger selection and support more individuals.

small to medium sized

Currently we feature anywhere from sole artisans to medium sized companies. This is another way we can offer a divserse array of projects and support more members of the community.
Solar States
Please check out the company I work for, Solar States. They are a Philly-based solar company.

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