what is localize?

Localize is a platform that features Philly-based artists, creators, makers, and writers. It's currently in its most basic form which is a directory for you to find and discover what's out there in Philly. If you browse around, you'll see a plethora of inspiring individuals, creating fantastic products right in the city of Philadelphia. Think about how many local products you actually own. How many of them have any association with Philadelphia? Were any of your shirts made in Philly? How about that tea you just drank? Do you have any books that were written by a Philly writer? These days it's easier to buy non-local than local.... let's change that.

ideas need time to age and develop like fine wine

While Localize is just manifesting itself into the world in 2021, it's been a long time in the making. We've had the idea of Localize for many years now however, the conditions and tools didn't align to allow it to come to life. In that time the idea has been slowly progressing in the background, refining, becoming more robust. The current iteration is just the beginning of what is a much larger vision.

the city of brotherly love

We love this city. It has all of the qualities you would want to launch a platform like this. It's got a beautiful history, personality, and most importantly an incredible community of intelligent, driven, creative, and diverse makers.

a growing movement

In the time that we've first started thinking about this, the local movement has grown significantly. We've seen various platforms, events, and programs pop up to support local. This is incredible, we believe the more people involved in the local movement the better off it will be. We want to do our part to push the movement forward.


Hello, my name is Adam and I'm the creator of Localize. About five years ago, I was at the Philly Farm and Food Fest (which is sadly no more) and I was blown away by all of the food artisans featured. Every time I would talk to a maker, I was amazed that they were so passionate about their creations. It was evident there was so much depth that went into creating their products. It also became evident over the years that while creating unique, incredible, high quality products, it's difficult for these creators to exist at all. The more I talked to people the more I realized that one of the major problems is simply that most residents don't even know they exist. With Localize, my first goal is to showcase Philly makers in hopes to life the awareness of these makers to the local community.

solar shoutout

I currently work for local solar installation company, Solar States. Solar States was founded in Philadelphia in 2008 and they have been a pillar of the community every since. Solar States is a certified B Corp and they run education programs around the city to train the next generation. If you're interested in solar in Philly or learning about a great local business, give them a look.

Solar States Website

I currently work for a locally based solar installation company, Solar States. Solar States has been around since 2008, is a B Corp, and runs education programs around the community. If you're interested in going solar in Philadelphia, make sure you take a look at their website.

Solar States
Please check out the company I work for, Solar States. They are a Philly-based solar company.

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